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Fitchix Glasgow is all about personal training for women, by women.

By making small changes in your life you can gain huge achievements.Let us look at your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise rituals and see what we can do. We can help each woman achieve lifelong improvements to mind and body. In today’s society, everyone is busy. Major lifestyle changes will only last a short time. This is where yo-yo dieting and unused gym memberships start. By using achieveable.goals and small life changes it is easier to stick to the new regime.

Before you know it your new lifestyle will be second nature and no effort at all! Fitchix offer month by month, one to one personal training. This includes diet advice that not only fits in with your lifestyle but that your taste buds will love.
Soon you will see weight come off gradually and more importantly…stay off!

Drinking lots of water for all year is one of the key to staying and getting healthy. Hot tea, green tea in particular, is a good home-made remedy to keep you warm and a good drink all year round. THis is a better drink in keeping you wide awake without the side-effects of caffeine. Chamomile tea helps with sleeping and stress release. Water blended with hemp provides a natural hydration for the body. This is being sold in the UK legally and provides maximun bio-availability. 
If you suffer injury from training, sports, or working out, we can refer to to SLC - Chiropractor for treatments, therapy and pain relief, and consultation.

Come on girls, improve your confidence and get the figure you truly want. A small bit of commitment to yourself, that you deserve, will result in a happier you…..all you need to worry about is buying your new wardrobe of clothes!


One to One personal training offers an alternative to gym memberships. With just you and your trainer present the embarrassment is gone and you are given unbroken attention and supervision…..so no skiving!
Can't get your diet right? Let us look at your current habits and devise new eating plans.